26th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival - March 13-23, 2008

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San Francisco: March 13-23
Berkeley: March 14-22
San Jose: March 21-23

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Photos by Festivalgoers

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Festival Forum sponsored by the Toyota Matrix

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Videos From You

This is your Festival Video Box. The videos here are works we asked you to participate in. We held contests, set up kiosks and followed you in the streets to get you up here. Look for opportunities around the Festival to contribute your brilliance. Come see movies. Come make movies.

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Festival Forum Interactive Booth

Here is a overview of the stories we collected via a webcam at the Festival Forum Interactive Booth. The Festival Forum, held Saturday March 15th, offered a full day of activities, live music and performances and culminated with a free screening of Hayao Miyazaki's classic 1979 anime The Castle of Cagliostro. For more videos, check out the CAAM Video Gallery.

Favorite moment from SFIAAFF 2008?

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